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i can't seem to find my way out
of the river i walked into.

i'm lost.

i'll be back in a little while.



Wed Feb 25, 2009, 12:18 AM
things i need to tell you:

sharks have up to fifteen rows of
teeth and are always replacing them.

on the rooftop is where you find the sky and
most people forget this.

less than ten people are killed by
sharks each year.

and you know beautiful things happen
when you least expect them to, but you
wait for them anyway.


well the month is almost over, and so means the LG competition
is almost over as well. i'm still going first thanks to all you
guys, but 2nd place is coming up close.

so, i'll ask you one last time to please vote for me!

it would mean the world to me, and i appreciate every single
vote. :heart:

i lovelove you all.



Clouds of change by kiki-riki90 :thumb84831437: rainy days by twigirl2

Lace Lady by PineApplePioneer Serenity by Thorbjorn Music Will Save Me by Ele-mental

:Not Obsessed. In Love.: by sinphonse Into the Ocean by JustMyBrand :thumb61249080:

fall far from the tree by strixthef-ingbird This is life. by jennifer-mary cassy . baby by aoife

:thumb57051205: Ominous clouds by LadyFianna curiosity by pink-stripe

dear ocean by wAlKiNGDisASteR-182 Gerberas by annilouby


:thumb109949571: 'Your Heart is like a Cake'Your heart is like a cake.
You bake a cake...
You made it for others to share...
...To share a portion of your personality
But what if...
They don't want your cake?
What if they purposely dropped the cake you made?
You'd feel crushed...
Just like the crushed cake on the floor
You'd want to run away...
You'd think no one wants you in their life
there is always a way to bake a new one for other people...
that really deserve a bite from your sweet cake...

:thumb82773693: JustJust a taste
Of restriction
Just a hint
Of pain
Just a whisper
Of longing
Just some more
Of the same
Just a glimpse
Of the past
Just a need
Of a home
Just a cry
Of the silent
Just a scream
From the old


:thumb106133763: multi-coloured broken heart by amour-giraffe Catch you - updated by SuperTaate

:thumb106422291: High There by xmemories-fade tegaki me2 by noentusuke1


Sun Feb 22, 2009, 6:38 PM
light up with me under the thunderstorm
sky. last night we ran to the top of
that hill to find the world was



luis made a new account!


follow him because he'll be updating this account =]


and i will still be featuring everyone who voted for me
even though LG removed my image because there was a print
available, without even warning me.

i submitted this picture instead:

you don't need to vote for me again, but i would really
appreciate it if you did.

thank you all for the amazing support




well. im sort of annoyed at that LG competition i entered, because they removed my picture without even warning me because it was available as a print on deviantart.

buut that's not gonna stop me, and i will still feature everyone who voted for my last picture. but if you would still like to support me, i would appreciate it so much.

and i can't even begin to thank you all for the amazing support on the last picture you gave me :hug:

you can vote for this picture now:

and it isn't available as a print!

thank you again!

- julia.
in the morning i woke up and
walked into a river.


Tue Feb 17, 2009, 7:04 PM


i have a facebook…

or if that isn't working, add julia trotti

who is your favourite artist on dA?

try for more unknown artists though, not so popular deviants =]


Fri Feb 13, 2009, 6:16 PM


are you doing anything for valentines?

did you get or give anything?

if you like this photo

I fell in love with an alien by vampire-zombie

then please vote for me:

and leave a comment in this journal letting me know,
so i can feature you!



no standing by tayequalsyay Cold Feet by CrazyKcee

:thumb91103378: serenity by naturelover01

This star is mine 2 by xFluffy-Minionx :thumb109852735:

Purest Joy by M13U21S19I9C3 :thumb82385734:

Drying Brush by Kawaridane :thumb85135947:

fairy tail hunting by Avras


The Whale. by kurawr :thumb106483200:

:thumb70060858: mon amour by rain-on-sundays


Sat Feb 7, 2009, 5:49 PM


its too hot.

make it go away,


if you like this photo

I fell in love with an alien by vampire-zombie

then please vote for me:

and leave a comment in this journal letting me know,
so i can feature you!



:thumb109710023: Fragility by Ashika

Swings by Sarahmillerphoto follow the light by s-arah117

Within Reach by glitterookami up close and personal by photonzoo

Collide... by emilysdoll :thumb107450023:

4508 by Mish-ael Simply You... by Twisted-Pandah


:thumb110856320: :thumb109425829:


:thumb103664790: Into the night by the-PirateNinja

FEEL by weoweoweo


Tue Feb 3, 2009, 3:17 PM

what is your favourite number and why?

mines 52.

it just keeps coming up everywhere, i wish i had better reason for it though!

and as always, if you like this photo

I fell in love with an alien by vampire-zombie

then please vote for me:

and let me know in this journal, so then i can feature you!
speaking of features, im getting around to doing them all,
here is the second bunch:



Heartfish II by three-red-balloons my before and after by p-arty-girl

Europe XXIX by drombees

Love Is The Movement by JonasObsession land of colors by bezosjecajna

:thumb104373362: with every lonely tear. by carvingbackbone

a l i c e . by theresambraun tessa by o--tebem--o

:thumb109801613: :thumb97452978:


heartbrokenI hear the sound
The sound of a heart breaking
It skips a beat and shatters
The ambivalence afterwards
It melts the soul
And sends the heart and soul
Into an unescapable void
The empty void of black
That sucks in
And doesn’t let out
Like the breathing
The breathing of a broken heart
And the breathing of a molten soul
The empty, dark abyss behind the eyes
The eyes of the heartbroken.
Diary of James LucienIt would not have mattered if the forest was burning around him, his smile was still sincere. His voice could calm any wild beast, but rarely did he speak such sweet words. The thunder could have been roaring in the distance, the rain could be pounding his flesh red, but still his eyes would unquestionably pierce its target.
Elegance, such bittersweet elegance, not even the most talented of dancers could match. But every perfect must have his or her default, and his was simply inhuman. With such great desire for something so forbidden, but common, he struggled. His blood lust was great and nothing could repress his urge.
They say after the first time it gets easier and oh how true that was. Lure was, but not a problem, for his gentle, but embracive touch could melt the coldest of hearts. Never would he or could he make a mistake, for he could not bear to lose a victim. So slowly and sinisterly he would win his prey with nothing but a passionate kiss, and then lead his mouth blindly int



:thumb103431439: Somewhere Over The Rainbow... by ChocoGirl72


Sun Feb 1, 2009, 2:04 PM


Fri Jan 30, 2009, 4:41 PM


sorry to bother you again, buut if you have previously voted for me, could you please vote again? for some reason, the votes went back to 0. i think the competition started again.

so, if you like this photo:

I fell in love with an alien by vampire-zombie

then please please vote for me

and let me know when you voted, so i can feature you as a thank you!


light by LyricalLies123 :thumb106699721:

:thumb109577807: city lights by regina02

:thumb109364563: :thumb101347496:

beautiful friend by latticeworkopines :thumb90669400:

Waiting for my youth by juliadavis


Fri Jan 23, 2009, 3:43 PM


music suggestions?

i would love to listen to some new stuff!

just let me know what you love listening to, your favourite song, band, album, anything!

and also, i made a quick account at lgloop and i was wondering
if you guys could help me out?

please vote for me here!

it takes one minute to make an account,
and i will be forever grateful =]


:thumb110362190: :thumb110349395:

hello by tugbaakdag The Girl Next Door by sevgihan

Who Told You This Room Exists? by ERIN-boo madness. by vicious-murder

waiting for the green light... by Nateos Breakfast for 2 by MultiCurious

what lies beneath by ipeksen

naming names

Tue Jan 20, 2009, 3:50 PM


what is your name?

and does it mean anything?


Carbon monoxide II by Amandaaa Sings by soulofautumn87

comatose me. by emeraldiris :thumb110116841:

anxiety by byebyebeautifool :thumb109741551:

Color Blind by Andross01 The Guitarist by xessencex

dear me,

Tue Jan 13, 2009, 1:50 AM

edit: decided to start a new blog, one which i will actually keep updated. you can follow it if you like, i'll just be writing random thoughts and posting pictures that i probably won't post here. so, if you're interesed:

and answer this if you haven't already! thank you for everyone who did though. i enjoyed reading your thoughts and honesty.


if you could tell yourself something, (one thing or more), what would it be?

start it off with:

dear me,


not only is mrcool256 and amazing person, but also an amazing artist.

which is why i would like to feature his work today as a small thank you for buying me a new dA sub :aww:

Sunkissed by mrcool256

My Happy Place by mrcool256 Clouds over Corn by mrcool256

This Parched Earth... by mrcool256

Direction Zero by mrcool256


Sat Jan 3, 2009, 10:13 PM

you guys are amazing and awesome.

thank you for everything!

im just writing a journal, because i realised my sub runs out in two days! noooo! so i thought i'd do one last feature in case i don't renew it for a while.

and also, i felt like thanking you all for your great support.


firstly, there's these two amazing poets that i came across today.

you should really read some of their stuff, you won't regret it:


:thumb101665563: :thumb102784553:


secrets left in library books.1
i have redone
my personality and my
heart and my life and
all the things
in between. the only thing
that is not worth redoing
is us.
my heart had a
‘do not enter’
mat on it, but you
never knew how to
listen, did you?
you promised me
happiness, but
if this is happiness,
you can have it
my shadow has
always been
prettier than me.
you twirled me around,
in the park, once.
you said we will
reach the stars, sweetheart.

i wish i had known
you meant the
my heart used
to do this funny
thing for you.
now, it only
for itself.
i always thought
seven was magical,
like fairytales.
but then you took an
eraser to both.
i stay awake
just to stop the
nightmares from
(it never works.)
i will admit this:
i never deserved you.
(but then,
you never deserved
me, either.)
heart song.this is the song
to your heart.

part zero.
oh, dearest,
why are you locked inside
a bathroom stall? no one
to hold you, tell you sweet
lies and say you are
beautiful, say you are
perfect? it's not the end of
the world, not yet. if it was,
wouldn't there be
part one.
your heart is not yet
dead; please do not
say it is. if it was dead,
it wouldn't hurt this
your heart is only sleeping.
part two.
when the only melody in your head
is a break up song, and the only thing
your heart seems capable of doing
is twisting itself into knots, and the only
thing you want to do is hide and escape
part three.
we are talking about finding
eternity in the things people
throw away. we are talking about
listening to the moments of silence
in between heart beats. we are talking
about distances shortening and
people realizing they can
we are talking about
finding happiness.
part four.
one of the greatest tragedies
in life is that

go and support them!!

around the bend. by indiae La La Land by bigcitydreams

roux by NoirFeu away away by bailey--elizabeth Tea for Two by MollyJoy


I can feel you all around me by DuckyPhotography :thumb81803459:

:thumb107871021: couple by Brungilda


Mon Dec 29, 2008, 4:49 PM

does anyone know of any good/cheap web hosting sites that i could use?

and also, i need to somehow get back my domain name, which is in use for some strange reason. any ideas? or do i just have to wait for it?


kids shouldn't mess around by RunWhiteRabbit In a flash. by ann-ko power of silent in the spring by PatiMakowska

:thumb107427904: Mary Poppins,Goodbye by Brungilda moonbride by NoirFeu

:thumb106967634: :thumb106973541: Shi portrait by lloydhughes

Snowflakes by MollyJoy :thumb88393771: HHH by Emjot

Fox Hunt Vintage II by xessencex Escape. by create-illusions the genius. by sunnyou


Wed Dec 17, 2008, 2:30 PM

here are some answers!

well the main thing you guys asked me was how i edit my photos, so i'm going to just answer that here in my journal, and some others:


i get inspiration from everything! i think it helps to have a crazy imagination sometimes. but its usually from music that i listen to, conversations i've had with people, experiences, memories, or by just being bored and looking for something interesting to do. when you're bored, you can find the smallest things interesting sometimes :P


the biggest leap i took in photography and editing was when i started to using adobe lightroom. if you want to edit photos easily, you should definitely try to get your hands on this program.

so basically, i use lightroom to edit the colours of my photos (i have filters i make myself that build up over time that i use) and i also use it to crop my images sometimes, and also to add vignetting (the darkened edges around the photos).

then i'll take my images to photoshop, where i will add and add textures and then take them away and add some more until i find a nice combination, keep editing colours, maybe put two photos together, or even leave it exactly as how it was from lightroom and do nothing else to it. i basically just playing around with the image a lot until i get something that i think looks good in my eyes, and compliments the concept that i am trying to portray. there is such a thing though, as going too far when editing a picture, as in adding so many textures that the focal point is just lost, etc, so you have to be careful when editing not to do that.

there aren't any really big secrets or anything as to how i edit my photos. its really just spending a lot of time playing around and experimenting with how things look. i usually have more than just one finished product of the same image as well, as i keep saving different versions as i am editing, then i choose the one i like the best at the end to submit.

some of my fav artists:

(from the top of my head, and just from deviantart)


are just some of my favourite favourite artists here that i absolutely love, but i get inspiration from everyone here! and enjoy looking at everyone's photos and art, too.

hope this helped! is there anything else you'd like to know?

and i was tagged:

by light-from-Emirates which i feel like doing. the rules are simple. you feature 17 artists by featuring 3 deviations from their respective galleries. if you are featured, you must do the same. but whatever, you don't have to do it if you don't want.

1. :iconlight-from-emirates:

lighted path . . ... by light-from-Emirates fresh morning . . . .. by light-from-Emirates glittery . . ... by light-from-Emirates

2. :iconsachakalis:

:thumb101361015: Pikaboo by SachaKalis :thumb104413658:

3. :iconssuunnddeeww:

dont be afraid remake colored by ssuunnddeeww dont loose it by ssuunnddeeww Sigur loves Ros by ssuunnddeeww

4. :iconmohdfikree:

paradiso by mohdfikree crimson swim by mohdfikree blurs of the butterflies by mohdfikree

5. :iconbenoitpaille:

Nous ne sommes pas ce que by BenoitPaille A louer, pour usage unique by BenoitPaille Trois-rivieres by BenoitPaille

6. :iconelectricbird:

:thumb106217969: :thumb94644387: :thumb106219004:

7. :iconaparatka:

circus by aparatka i'm your doll by aparatka blonde. sexy. and smart. by aparatka

8. :iconjazzylemonade:

Spiller's Wharf by jazzylemonade Peripheral Vision by jazzylemonade Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy by jazzylemonade

9. :icondisposable-herox:

:thumb106048423: Pure morning by disposable-heroX Last goodbye by disposable-heroX

10. :iconmemo89:

:thumb102181176: :thumb105485614: :thumb106118722:

11. :iconevilxelf:

A Scream by EvilxElf Pisces by EvilxElf Timmy and Gerald by EvilxElf

12. :iconcameradude:

Electric by CameraDude Moonlight by CameraDude Blackbird by CameraDude

13. :iconp0rg:

Mr Szczebiot by P0RG Rotate Your Perspectives by P0RG Sleeping In... by P0RG

14. :icontrixypixie:

:thumb100572027: the world stood in silence II by TrixyPixie :thumb95296726:

15. :iconmonislawa:

:thumb104669408: :thumb105871294: :thumb105768680:

16. :iconcurlytops:

:thumb104030393: hey, girl in red by curlytops i chanced upon a gypsy by curlytops

17. :iconemeraldhelix:

:thumb95129845: :thumb105041462: :thumb92870017:

and that. was a lot of features.


Fri Dec 5, 2008, 7:22 PM

oh how boring i am. just got rid of all my journal css. i think i like this plain one anyway. well, i've been inactive here on dA because i went on a holiday for a week with my friends to the beach since we finished school =] i took a whole bunch of photos (with new underwater ones!), so i might maybe upload a few of them here if they're good enough.

do you have a favourite quote?

some features:

Serene Dream. by Merube One perfect moment. by TrixyPixie

:thumb105026368: :thumb105031046:

:thumb105039451: The Littlest Princess by DalaiHarma

simple life by BenoitPaille :thumb105076594:


Journal Entry: Wed Nov 26, 2008, 7:09 PM

notes to self

dear me,

you do not have a terrible
heart. you do not have sad
eyes and love is not a war
you need to win. you do not

need low self esteem or
the bullets in your hand gun,
only memory. my words are
filled with a breeze when

you are not there.

dear me,

it's been well over thirty days or
something like that, but i think
i've lost count. i missed the green
light, but eventually made it home.

not in time to hear your
voice. you are not terrible, you
are not terrible, you say.

dear me,

don't forget to feed that cats
and don't forget to close the windows
if it starts to rain or you'll
be swimming in a flood. don't

forget to remember that somebody
somewhere cares about you and don't
forget that every once in a while

you should close your eyes and let
somebody lead you,


dear me,

you are not terrible, you do not
have sad eyes, you do not need
any more bullets, you do not need
a cage around your heart. you are
not empty, you are not cold, you
are not a cardboard box with
nothing inside.

dear me,

don't forget that he cares
about you.

sincerely yours,


has anyone ever bought a print off me? because i'd really love to know who has so i can thank them! it sort of sucks that the dA system doesn't show you this.

little waltz

:thumb63499957: Smile by rafaellaK Away by Umbresh

:thumb104575942: blinded by the dark by BigboyDenis HATE by caught-cartooning

:thumb104481633: :thumb78303494: Shivers by ennil

:thumb104471958: istanbul to paris by DelilahWoolf Balance I. by popcornplayah

:thumb104336920: :thumb98910860: :thumb104268065:

:thumb103783026: The Time is Now by Lucem

my prints

The way we come undone by vampire-zombie Taste of spring by vampire-zombie Down the rabbit hole by vampire-zombie

collabs and textures

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 4, 2008, 5:45 PM

just something

well, i decided to update my stock account, which i only do once a blue moon. i added some pretty pretty textures with random titles for you to use:

Catch without arms by MannequinStock Maps by MannequinStock
Polka by MannequinStock

im so lonely over on that account lol :P so i'll just advertise here!


and another thing, does anyone want to work on a collab with me? ive worked on a few already like

Twelve fifty two by vampire-zombie with P0RG
Strange shadows by vampire-zombie with disposable-heroX

and a few more. so yeah just send me a note with an unedited picture or something and i'll see what i can make of it!


and i'll leave you with some pretty features!

little waltz

My Fall by leenik A Fog Over Knife River by intao

Horizon by Kleemass :thumb102663579:

situations by rozette :thumb102633601: hush by Pretty-As-A-Picture

Time out. by tugbaakdag her name is L..... by suo-me Time Goes By Vol.2 by soulofautumn87

A red shoes adventure by zvaella :thumb76979781: Must be dreaming II by turningpage

my prints

:shop3104612: :shop3096698: :shop3097103: