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on a lovelily-sunny spring afternoon, bree, jo and i went walking around the suburbs to take photos against purple houses, overgrown flowers in front yards and the big blue sky. we were kept company by house-cats, purring against bree as she perched on fences and we were invited to a stranger's home to take photos by their pool. these are our photos of our day running around on the road barefoot, stretching our limbs to warm in the sunshine.

you can see our photos from the day here!

what has everyone been up to? i haven't been active on deviantart for a very long time but i miss this place. you all helped me grow and blossom and i can never forget that <3 i'm going to try and upload regularly here again, is there anything in particular you'd like to see from me?
Fitzkoraldo Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012
Miss you too.

Try something entirely new to you. Use lateral thinking to come up with different ideas. Push yourself, you will love it! (I should try this too actually). Create something ugly.

Brian Eno has an ideas generator:

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